Health Agreement
 Puppies will leave with a record stating the shots your puppy has been started on and is recommended to receive. I suggest that you take your puppy to "your" vet for a good health checkup within 3 days of purchase (be sure to take your puppy shot record with you). This way you will be confident that your puppy is indeed a healthy puppy.
This puppy is guarentered to be in good health to the best of the Seller's knowledge at the time of purchase and has been started on permanent inoculations. Your puppy is guarantee for (6) months from date of purchase by Seller against any non treatabel congential defect. The excepttions are, Cherry eye (which is considered a breed defect) ,submissive wetting and/or behavior problems. It is the responsiblitity of the buyer to train and sccialize the puppy. Training starts the moment the puppy enters your house.
If the puppy is examined by a licensed veterinary and found to have a non treatable congential defect condition, the seller shall replace the dog with the next available puppy of the same sex, color and like pedigree.
A copy of the veterinarian report must be given to the seller at the time of notification. In the event of death, an autopsy report shall be performed at buyer's expense to determine the congential defect and cause of death. The report must be provided before a replacement puppy is given.
The Seller cannot assume any responsibility for the puppy once it has left the Seller's possenssion. Any and all cost incurred by the buyer in regards to the puppy, not just veterinary costs, are the sole responsiblility of the Buyer.